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Self-Care Meets E-Learning

We can only give from abundance, not emptiness. It's time to fill your bucket.

created by a therapist 
with you in mind

Self-Paced Affirmation

E-Learning Series

Building your wellbeing with affirmations because self-care isn't selfish.

Cultivate well-being in seven key areas








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Fuel Self-care 
with support and encouragement
at YOUR OWN pace

Multi-step modules for beginners and advanced learners

Unlimited access to audio/video tracks

Downloadable & Customizable Worksheets

Easy-to-digest educational reading

Interactive "quizlets" to amp up your motivation!

Track your progress with private feedback in every module

About the Creator

Amber Fender is a social worker and owner of Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC. Supporting any underserved populations is a passion led by the belief that mental health support should be available to everyone, regardless of income and life circumstance. This is why she created the Affirmations E-Learning Series. 

Whether you're looking for more support to keep you on track with your goals between sessions, or unable to afford regular weekly therapy at the market rate, the Affirmation E-Learning Series is here for you.

Work on goals at your comfort level with self-paced micro-modules designed to take around one week to complete per module, depending on your desired pace. 

Designed for everyone, from those who are new to the concept of therapy to those who have never been to one session. Take what you need as you are ready. Help is here 24/7 with Affirmation E-Learning Series to keep you moving forward.

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