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Self-Care In The Community

Self-Care from Anywhere

Do you have anxiety, depression, trauma, or identity struggles? This can help with independent learning at your own pace.

Use evidence-based practices that you can use every single day. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy are at the core here so that you can get in touch with what you need most and provide yourself with exactly what you need. The answers come from within and you can find them here, with support.

Connect with Moms Just Like You

Do you have anxiety, depression, trauma, or identity struggles? More moms than ever are identifying with maternal mental illness, such as postpartum depression. Conditions are very treatable, but speed and quality of recovery depends on two elements: quality of care and support from others. With Tides Online Postpartum Group Therapy you can have both. Clinician-led evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing are used routinely, as is the golden standard for depression and anxiety. New members welcome!

Contrary to popular opinion...
You don't have to spend a lot of time and money on self-care.  Try one (or both!) of these mindfulness scripts to get started.

Relaxing with Music
Meditating on Bed

 If you're trying to chase down the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and get out of your head, practicing mindfulness could be one of the most effective ways to invest your time.

Image by Ian Schneider

Community Outreach Partnerships:
Mind & Body United

Community partnerships mean that small, local organizations in South Carolina and Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC support each other in the mission of uniting holistic education, awareness, and coordinated treatment with mental health and physical wellness to achieve optimum quality of life for our community.

Tides is honored to maintain a partnership with 6 carefully selected organizations listed here:

The Formation Project
Go to the website

Trident Area Agency on Aging
Go to the website

Postpartum Support Charleston
Go to the website

Founded in 2000, Postpartum Support Charleston is a non-profit organization that supports mothers across the Charleston Tri-coutry area struggling with maternal mental illness such as postpartum depression and anxiety. Through our extensive moms-for-moms network, connection to diverse mental and physical health expertise and genuine empathy, Postpartum Support Charleston is uniquely positioned to help mothers move into motherhood. Our mission is to put mom first with an approachable, accessible safety net woven through moms helping moms - we believe that a healthy mom makes for a healthy baby and, ultimately, she and her family living their healthiest, happiest life. We are with you, mama. You are worthy and you are worth love and support. It takes a village, they say, and, together, we will move into motherhood.

Trident Area Agency on Aging is a not-for -profit, 501C3 organization that provides assistance, advocacy and answers on aging. As a private, non-governmental organization, we receive grants and donations to fund our services. The organization serves as an Aging and Disability Resource Center for older Americans. As a resource center, it creates a single, coordinated information system which provides access to individuals seeking long-term care, minimizing confusion, enhancing individual choice, and supporting informed decisions.

Merge Medical Center
Holistic Medical Clinic
Go to the website

We are working to build a community-led by survivors for survivors. We believe in making a positive and permanent impact in the lives of survivors by ensuring access to sustainable services. We aim to ensure that everyone has the option not to sell their bodies, have the opportunity to become free and stay free from exploitation, have the support to walk through trauma recovery, increase healthy connection with themselves and others, achieve educational and vocational goals, and a seat at the table to use their voice however they choose.

A New Season Counseling, LLC
Telehealth and In-Person

Go to the website

Ridgeville Counseling, LLC
Go to the website

Our team partners with patients to create a multi-faceted program that meets their health goals by successfully managing their current diseases or conditions as well as preventing others from occurring. Each program is tailored to our patient’s needs and goals. Research shows our synergistic holistic approach helps individuals restore and maintain optimal health so they live well longer.

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. I work with my clients to identify and work on the areas in their life they want to change. I support them through the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Choice Theory, EMDR, and Person Centered Therapy. I ensure my clients feel safe and respected as they work through various issues in order to make the changes they feel are needed to meet their goals.

The focus of treatment is to help individuals heal, energize, and gain insight while growing. This is achieved by providing a neutral safe space, actively listening, and providing a person-centered approach in treatment. Stacy is trained in multiple treatment modalities; including Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-processing (EMDR) which can specifically target people who have a trauma history.

Partnering with Tides Supports the Community and Your Organization



How Community Partnerships Began:

Life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma responses, and general stress are at an all-time high in our communities. It's on the news. It's in social media. And we all know that it's definitely showing up at home.

No one would argue that the demands of life are higher than resources available in this season of our community. For some, finding the right fit for their unique situation is almost instantly overwhelming. All they know is that something is missing and they need help to "get better." However, if the main complaint is anxiety or depression, the source of the issue can be difficult to specify in the throes of the struggle.

Some ask, "Do I need a doctor?", "Do I need a nutritionist?", "Do I need mental health therapy?" If a person, couple, or family, does not have an advocate, the process of "getting better" can feel nearly impossible.

This is where the need for community organizations come together in supporting a higher quality of life for across social/emotional, physical, and education domains.

This is the root of Tides Therapy Community Outreach Partnerships: Mind and Body United. Helping the members of our community link up with the right resource for them is the highest level of service that each community partner prides themselves on providing.

Image by Nick Morrison
Image by Christina @
Image by Drew Beamer

Amber Fender, LISW-CP/S is using a grassroots approach by beginning at home,

in Charleston, South Carolina, to offer:

  •  Guest blog posts from community partners to support community education and awareness

  •  Referrals to carefully selected providers that support coordination of care with the

holistic well-being of our community as the highest priority

  • Online self-care courses to assist between appointments for a variety of issues from life transitions and trauma to anxiety and depression here now.

*Looking for a topic you don't see?

If you are part of a community church, organization, or company, you are welcome to request a private workshop hosted at your location or via web CLICK HERE.

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