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Community Outreach Partnerships: Mind & Body United

“The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter – to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.” – Leo Rosten

Grassroots partnerships with Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC means that small, local organizations in South Carolina support each other in the mission of uniting holistic education, awareness, and coordinated treatment with mental health and physical wellness to achieve optimum quality of life for our community.

Guest blogs about your service(s) and organization as a whole

Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC regularly posts blogs free to the public that support community education and interactive interface to engage the audience. Building online community and supporting connection between readers supports the overall mission of holistic wellbeing.

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Blogs about your service(s)

Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC regularly posts blogs free to the public that support community education and interactive interface to engage the audience.


Building online community and supporting connection between readers supports the overall mission of holistic wellbeing. Especially in this era of "all things virtual," a sense of community is especially important to build regardless of how often we are able to connect in person.

  • Frequency of partnership blog submission: every 3-6 months

  • Submit to Tides Therapy your upcoming event, outreach, or service you are trying to promote within your preferred 3–6-month frequency (or more if you like) with a blog post.

  • Community education about your ideal topic of interest

  • News about your organization for regular updates (new staff, new location, achievements)

  • Pictures or videos/recordings that are helpful to describe your goal/mission/organization space/staff/what to expect in appointments/testimonials

Online Community Education Course Contribution (self-paced)

Creating passive income and/or community presence is a boon for every organization. Passive income and multiple revenue streams help defend against economic fluctuations impacting cash-based services election from patients/clients. Partnering to enhance viability across small businesses in the community help all of us build a stronger presence.


Contribution to creation of online self-care courses


To treat a variety of issues from life transitions and trauma to anxiety and depression using contributing community authors.


Often, structured tasks motivate continued commitment to the service being provided.

This is meant to compliment “homework” between provider appointments and is not intended to be a replacement for professional support. This will be clearly stated as such upon initiation of enrollment for each learner.

  • Online courses also support brand awareness and encourage a following of brand culture that supports your organization’s identity positively.


  • ​Education courses for each topic can include written and interactives such as worksheets, videos, voice recordings, etc. as providers determine helpful and appropriate to their service type and talents. Each organization chooses what their team’s strengths are and contribute accordingly.

  • Contributors for paid courses receive a percentage of reimbursement agreed upon prior to publishing appropriate to their level of material contribution. This is flexible depending on the undertaking and will be negotiated appropriately to the satisfaction of each organization as the intention is to be mutually beneficial for all entities involved. In that spirit, Tides agrees to:

  1. Create Terms and Conditions Agreement for e-leaning use that details explicitly the intent of the course is to be for between-appointment support and not replace direct treatment.

  2. Format Microlearning modules: consisting of short lessons or modular knowledge pills for adaptive and personalized teaching according to topic. In this method, the most impressive feature is the speed at which students consume the information due to the brevity of the lessons.

  3. Host, publicize, provide email campaigns, Lightboxes/ Pop-ups, and full-page descriptions on

  4. Social media circulation on Facebook and possibly other platforms used by Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC.

  5. Materials shared upon organization request for in-house circulation independently (in addition to Tides circulation).

  6. Process payment for the courses created on the Tides Community Learning website (a Learning Content Management System/ LCMS) to be created once materials are available (site is in beta currently). Funds will be dispersed accordingly on a regular and monthly predicted basis.

Promote Your Own Unique Initiatives

Your unique mission is an important element to the variety that creates the holistic approach. Your mission and expertise is beneficial in its differences from Tides and other community partners. Any additional promotions that you would like to circulate belong in the community. Feel free to propose an in-person or online presence that you feel Tides would contribute to in embodying your mission.

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Community coordination includes your submission of updates! Tides is looking to be a hub of information and referral sources for all things well-being. Please feel free to contact any time.

Receive Referrals to Your Organization

Primarily, partnership means coordinating care among available local resources.


Each organization is considered a resource. When Tides finds that an individual may benefit from a service outside the scope of practice offered at that time, a referral is made to the appropriate organization.


This may be a circumstance where a client needs counseling outside the hours of availability and is referred to another local mental health therapy practice.


Alternatively, a client may need nutritional, acupuncture, or physical therapy services, etc. because their mental health is directly affected by their physical well-being, or lack thereof. 

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Care Coordination

As a prior medical social worker and certified nursing assistant, Amber Fender understands that care coordination is key. Serving the community means working together, not competing for business when the individuals we serve need support outside our scope of practice. 

Online Community Education Events

Details on what your organization offers the community and how partnership supports holistic wellbeing for the community. “How to” tips may be provided that are general enough to apply to most people in the public.

These can be paid or free events depending on the amount of time and effort to prep/information provided for both organizations. Both Tides and participating organization will agree in advance if attendance to the live stream will be paid or free.

Learning together

​​Coordinate with Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC to increase community presence and education

  • Tides is available to create community partner flyers to promote community education events (online via social media)

  • Tides is available to host online community education events with live stream from the website. Wix is the platform used.

    • Any free online event can then be shared via social media platform for the respective organization following the live stream.

    • Any profits from a paid online event will be split 50/50 between tides and the participating organization. Tides will provide an invoice of funds collected and disseminate 50% respectively within 5 business days of the event.

    • Tides reserves the right to use the recording of the online event in the members area of the website following live stream.

      • Participating organizations have the right to also use the recording as is determined by their own organization for future profit/passive income.

  • The well-being of the client(s) and maintenance of community partnership health is the highest priority.


While Tides is currently accepting new clients, all referrals may not be appropriate for the scope of practice that limits the provider, just as a specialist in the medical field operates.


Just as a pediatrician would not see a patient over the age of 18, Amber Fender, LISW-CP/S, may not provide mental health services for a client that is under the age of 18 because this is not an area of specialization.


Ethically, Amber Fender has the duty to refer out any clients that require support outside of her scope of education and practice, as is identified in the American Psychological Association Ethical Standards of Practice.

In this case, mental health therapy referrals received from community partners will be thoughtfully referred to another clinician within community partnership. The referring organization will be notified via email or phone call to whom the client has been referred.

Mental health community partners may include Stacy Keller, LPC-A and Kim Couch, LPC-A, among others acquired in the future. These relationships are carefully developed with the importance of community and relationship well-being upheld to support the community to the highest standard.

Reasons why a client may be referred to another mental health counselor may include:

  • Client is requesting services that are outside the provider’s scope of practice

  • Requesting a regular appointment time that the provider cannot accommodate

  • Provider has filled capacity for new clients

  • Conflict of interest, such as:

    • Services are being provided for a family member by provider currently or recently.

    • Provider currently has or has had a personal relationship with the referred individual.

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