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Want a Sneak Peek into Peace?

With all the hustle and bustle of change in schedules, social commitments, and extra tasks that come onto our plates in December, regardless of how (or if) you celebrate the holidays, I'm hearing that things are hectic this month! It's a natural consequence of our routines changing. Finding balance in all the busyness of the day takes even extra energy when we have precious little to spare. So, you might have seen on the Tides Therapy website, that a new e-learning course to cultivate peace has made its timely debut!

But what can you expect out of a claim that aims so high as to cultivate peace while you hardly have time to keep your thoughts straight through the day? Good question. One I have an answer for.

One of my favorite philosophies, Stoic philosophy, identifies closely to the Zen mindset. With this approach, you will find that cultivating peace can happen within seconds, so long as you have the right tools at your disposal. Taking time, even seconds, can allow you to use these tools with mindful intention and create a domino effect of calming your central nervous system, proving to yourself that you DO in fact have an internal locus of control, and give you the opportunity to develop perspective for just how important the thing is that you are stressing about. It all boils down to gaining perspective. Your thoughts and behaviors naturally follow a more peaceful path when you recognize how much control you really do have in how you choose to react to stressors.

Here's a video to show you a sneak peek of the exercises that are included in the "I AM... At Peace" e-learning course:

Miracle Peace Visualization

What is the visualization about?

In this guided exercise, you would imagine that you fall asleep tonight, and a miracle happens. You wake up to find that you are at peace. Imagine lying in bed in the first waking moments of the day. How would you know that this miracle had occurred? How would you know that you were at peace? How would you behave towards yourself? How would you respond to others? What would they notice about you and why? Let’s practice with the exercise below to see what details you might discover. In this positive visualization, you will imagine yourself as successful and having met your goal. You will be able to say, “I am at peace.”

You will visualize the following scan and maybe even jot down the impressions you have about what you observe in your mind's eye:

How I feel in my body:

How I feel emotionally:

How I think to myself:

What someone else might notice:

And because I am at peace, the next thing I will do is....

If you're interested in learning more, you can try a 7-day free trial and get acquainted with your peaceful side while everyone else chooses the rat race. Keep in mind that your self-care isn't selfish because you can only give from abundance, not an empty cup. It's okay to refill your energy/peace/patience bucket!

In the meantime, know that the light in me sees and honors the light in you.

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