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Postpartum Group Therapy Registration

Welcome to the Sign-Up page! Please enter your information below to begin.

Great Things This Group Can Be

This is the right group for you if you are...

  • Unable to access 1:1 therapy due to cost or availability.

  • Looking for a support system of other moms just like you.

  • Wanting clinical, evidence-based treatment with adaptive structure to meet the needs of every individual in the group on a regular basis.


About the Group Leader:

Amber Fender, LISW-CP/S is a clinical social worker and owner of Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC. Working for 7 years in public service of hospice patients and victims of crime inspired her to create evidence-based groups curriculum.
Having given birth to her second child in the throes of late fall 2020, she understands the effects of PPD and need for support.
Amber designed the curriculum material from the heart with years of experiences working in hospice, having a child with special needs, and 1:1 therapy. Clinical skills are also present in every meeting with the most effective interventions from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy interventions.

What's the Vision of this Group?

The mission is to create and sustain approachable mental health support for moms regardless of circumstance without the stigma of weakness, but rather strength. The hope is that every mom finds the courageous, caring, and wise part of herself so that she can thrive with women of like mind.




How is Group Therapy different than 1:1Counseling?

With group therapy, members find social and emotional support from others who are going through very similar situations. This is helpful as a "reality check" that you're not alone, which often acts as a sort of supercharger for self-acceptance and increased compassion for your own struggles. Where compassion thrives, judgement dies.





If you have something you want to prioritize, you can ask the group if it's okay to workshop an issue at the beginning of the meeting. The group leader will likely be able to tailor the discussion to meet the needs of the group so that every individual walks away with something impactful.

This is how group sessions with Tides Therapy are different than other curriculum-based groups.

What if I'm Having a Rough Day and Need Something specific from the group?

What Can I Expect?

Tides Community Group Therapy is a meeting of one hour per week online with curriculum-based mental health therapy provided by a licensed therapist. 




The therapist will guide participants through customizable exercises and worksheets just as one would in 1:1 therapy. You'll have unlimited access to these between meetings to practice skills taught.

Many moms opt to exchange contact information as well so they can stay in touch via text or phone. 

All group members are committed to a month-to-month agreement when they join regardless of weekly or monthly payment structure. This means that automatic payments will be collected by your card on file at $35 per week the sessions are held (currently 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month).


What is the Cost?

wHAT If I Have Something Private I want to Discuss?

All participants are reminded at the beginning of meetings that "what is said in group stays in group" so that everyone feels comfortable to share the way they want to.

Meeting with others in the community, participants are reminded they are not alone. Others in similar circumstances can learn and support through sharing experiences and input. This is a space of non-judgment. Support only.

We hope that all members have an enriching experience full of community support, which means regular attendance of group members. To preserve the integrity of the group and the time of the therapist, no refunds are provided for meetings missed. When enrolled, all members are committed to the full month in which they enrolled. You're welcome to contact the group leader if you need to take a break and rejoin later.

What If I Miss a Meeting?

What is the Tides Community Programs Mission?

Tides Community programs were developed to increase access to excellent evidence-based mental health treatment regardless of life circumstance.

This is why Tides Therapy partners with other local organizations to ensure all people have access to resources they need. 

Community outreach through partnerships is the gold standard for grass roots movements to remove the stigma of mental health for moms everywhere.

It is the mission of Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC to help all people create possibilities by embracing life changes. 

This is a holistic approach that includes community partnerships to meet the unique needs of our community.


Postpartum Group Therapy meets online every Tuesday for 60 minutes at 7:30pm. New participants can join any time!

When Can I Join?


Postpartum Group Therapy meets online every Tuesday at 7:30pm and you can register any time. 

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Step 1:
Complete form here and pay the one-time $15 registration fee to save your seat.

Step 2:
Complete consent forms sent to your email from Tides Therapy and Consulting, LLC (all participants must complete these forms and are not admitted access until completed).

Step 3:
24 hours prior to each session, you'll receive an email with a unique link created for each meeting.
Click on the link and attend
your first group session!

see you soon!

After registering above, you will receive regular email instructions on how to join the group meetings.

Didn't receive your email instructions? Make sure to check your email spam folder for a message from Tides Therapy and Consulting!



Still need help? Contact Amber Fender at or by phone/text at (864)431-8189. 

In the meantime, check out some more info about what Tides Therapy & Consulting has to offer...

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